About Us

Strong Diesel LTD is an independent Market Place designed to help customers post and find advertisements within six large industries.

We offer top quality services.

Fast and easy to use, Place new Ad and Create new Account page.

Strong Diesel offers discounted packages for multiple listings with no hidden costs. 

For customers with a large amount of listings, our prices are negotiable and our Sales department places the listings for you.

Spare parts category is designed to help our customers find everything they need in our Market Place. This way, if you search for an item within the five other categories, you can also find spare part for your machinery on our web-site.

Strong Diesel LTD offers great advertisement packages.

Our Sales Team will identify your needs and promote your product accordingly.

We can help make your services, company and products better known to thousands of customers within six large industries.

Our prices are negotiable and we take care of everything for you.

We also have great Sales Management offers.

Strong Diesel can sell or buy the items that you require on your behalf.

You want to sell your product but you don't want or have time to browse and advertise on all the web-sites that could help sell your items? 

Our Sales Department can take care of all the sales process for you.

Our prices are negotiable and you don't have to pay for anything unless we finalize the sale.

Strong Diesel ltd also provides great technical advice and support.

Our technical team with a large experience in overhauling, repairing, commissioning and installing machinery will overhaul your equipment, recondition parts, fix your machinery and more.

We have technicians that can travel around the world to inspect, repair or offer technical advice and support for your items.

Our company is always open for negotiations regarding the prices and services that we offer and our sales and technical managers are here to answer all inquiries.

We aim to offer personalised services according to all our customer's needs.

Each customer is as important as the next to us and we will do our best to help, support and promote your products, services and companies.

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust and for working with us and we would like to invite all new customers to join our large market place and try all our products for free.